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We have the network and the necessary contacts for your successful business processing. Together we can lead your company to new levels. In order to make your company more successful we increase the functions of your existing products. Also in the future we want to offer perfect solutions and realize high customer benefit.


Blast furnace, pig iron transportation, oxygen converter, electric furnace, cranes, secondary metallurgy, continuous casting technology, rolling mill technology, electrodes, material conveyors, bearings, raw material, scrap, refractory material for blast furnaces and coking plants etc…


Channel induction furnaces; aluminium fluoride – used as flux or for melting of light alloy and for the production of aluminium, packed in bags with plastic inlays of 25 kg, 50 kg and 1000 kg. Machines, forged steel mills and casting rolls, etc…


Rotary kiln, cyclones, head and grate cooler, calciner, shaft, planetary cooler, satellite cooler. professional installation of rotary furnace stones. Lining works with DAT lining devices, clench and mortar lining, chrome and steel balls, etc….

Refractory material

We offer refractory solutions for the steel-cement-non-iron industry. Our products are used in international steel-cement-non-iron industries. We supervise the installation of refractory material and supply also the appropriate machines, etc…

Machines / plants

RBTC supplies spare parts for the rolling mill industry and various bearings. EPC projects and also complete continuous casting plants (slabs/billets), vacuum systems, EAF, blast furnace, gas furnace. In case of interest please download our product catalogue, etc…

Service activities

RBTC disposes of a worldwide network of refractory experts and technicians assisting the products’ installation and handling in the plants. We work with Universities in China, Taiwan, Russia, Sweden, Canada, Bulgaria and Austria to find the best solutions for our customers…


RBTC disposes of the newest and most frugal LED illuminations, electricity savings of up to 80% and the most modern and frugal LCD monitors keep YOU always up to date, so that you can do good jobs or produce products.


Purchase and sale of all kinds of scrap!

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